Who is the Wiser?

I think we're both right, though. You say we need distance. I say we still need each other, a little.

Now tell me, what's up with this withdrawal? I feel it, too. I'm trying to make it go away, I think. OK, no I'm not. I'm just feeling it... and trying to cure the "symptoms". Too much chocolate. Too much flaking out on activities. Too much procrastination. Too much sleep.

Too much hiding out.

Truth? This is why I've been calling. I do want to hear about your life, I do want to catch up. But also, these feelings of meaninglessness are so reminiscent of our teenage years. I've been calling because old habits die hard.

I suppose I'm letting myself turn inwards too much when I need to set my eyes forward.

Ahh! I can't help it! I'm so bored here. And yes! I do know that it's my own fault for not doing anything, but I'm just so bored with all the options. I need a change of scenery, a change of pace, a change of one damn thing, please!

What's with all these daydreams of getting out of college and, well, settling down? I never envisioned myself to want these things so early.

I wonder if it's because "he's the one". Ugh. Scary. Yet... true. He's amazing. Sweet. Romantic. Generous. Sexy. And fallinloveable.

Time to get out of this rut.

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