Text Messaging Overload

Two weeks fresh into my bill cycle, my curiosity begs for me to check the status of my text messaging use thus far. Tally: 666.



So, I quit the Clog. Temporarily? Maybe. Either way, I know that I need to keep up with my writing somehow, so I will make it a point to write here more often. Or... somewhere. I definitely have too many blogs.

As if I ever have anything interesting to write about.

Right now, the hot topic of the night is: How can some guys prove to be such scum bags? And by "how", I mean... Why? HOW? What's the point of playing poor, innocent girls? To build up your poor, pathetic egos? UGH.

I got a job today. Looks like my obnoxiously loud voice and love for attention will finally be put to good use. Someone's going to pay me for such vanity?! Sweet.

Weird how I always find it so easy to stay up [when I'm not doing homework, that is] no matter how tired I am. It's kind of annoying, actually. I'm definitely going to pay for this tomorrow... and for the rest of the week, probably.

I'm so over school. I know I'm going to eat my words one day, but honestly... It's been almost three years. For some reason, that seems like a terribly long time to stay in one place. I need to travel or study abroad or something. It'd be kind of nice to move away. I wouldn't mind staying in the Bay Area for a little longer. In the meantime, I may need to settle for another room-remodeling...

I'm getting pretty impatient to grow up.


Obama Inauguration

As I stood amongst the silent crowd, I craned my neck for a glimpse of the jumbo screen. I focused all my energy to my ears to let the speaker's words move me as she wished. It was an unusually warm day for January in the Bay Area; but then again, this was an unusual day. This was history in the making.

Hundreds of students took part in prayer as they followed along with the strong preacher who now took the screen. I wondered if these students had ever prayed in their life, let alone in the time since they moved away from home, yet understood the feeling in their hearts: bubbling with hope and anxiety for the world's near future. Old folks waved jubilantly at the screen before us as we excitedly watched former president George W. Bush step into a helicopter. This was history in the making, too. Maybe not for the world, but for our own little world in Berkeley. It was an experience that hundreds of us shared and will recount to our grandchildren. The two hours of inauguration ceremonies touched us all individually as we listened, lost in our own thoughts and emotions. It also touched us collectively; for finally, we all were united under a common hope for the future.