Dancing in the Streets

Wow, my first presidential election, and it was a big one. We're at war on the other side of the world, my father is in the military and living in another country, and my parents are homeowners. Oh, and I live in arguably the most progressive city in the country.

It's madness in the streets. I'm getting calls from my roommate, boyfriend, friends telling me about the mobs all over the campus and the main streets. I can hear loud whoops and endless honking outside the apartment.

This is it. Obama is going to be our president for the next four years. I wonder what kind of changes the world is going to see by the time I'm 24?

As we watched his speech on T.V., I felt like I was watching a scene from Heroes. I mentioned this to Lenny, and he agreed, saying that it felt like watching the future. But this isn't the future; this is now.

"Yes, we can." Alright. We'll see what comes next.