delirious and kind of moody.
my profs are giving us all a hard time...
but i'm beginning to not care.
i'm stuck in a mentality where they are the ones in the wrong.
we are trying our best.
not sure how i'm supposed to
and still be expected to get a good grade and have perfect attendance in their classes.
just sayin'.



Currently at work, debating with folks about what a hipster is. After several contradicting descriptions, one of which described me, one girl quickly and excitedly pointed at me and yelled "hipster!"

I said, "Oh, ok."


"Never mind, hipsters don't admit to being hipsters. If you think you are one, you aren't."


I'm changed.

...and it's been causing blogger's block. At least in this blog. I can't relate to the girl that used to write here.

I feel angry. and hurt. and ready for a revolution.