I need to challenge myself to be as understanding as humanly possible to others around me.

I say this because I've been making careless mistakes here and there... and I hope that the folks who I have wronged or inconvenienced understand that I don't commit these errors in malice. I'm trying my very best and my very hardest.

I hope they know this.


This afternoon, my day blew wide open for what felt like the first time in ages.

OK, to be honest, I was locked out of my house without my Cal ID, so I was forced to roam the streets of Berkeley with no clear intention.

I begged the librarian at the public library to let me check out some cheap-o fiction novel (because of course, my library card is attached to my apartment key), bought a too-expensive but extremely delicious iced vanilla latte, and promptly fell into a deep sleep in the comfiest couch in the middle of a public cafe for a good 30 minutes.

Ah, Friday.



I wish I could do everything. Damnit, constraints of time and space!

On another note, Lendl San Jose is the nicest person I know. I've got a lot to learn from that man.