About the Author

Climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji in 2012

Hi, I'm April. I'm American by passport, Filipino by blood, Japanese by birthplace, Californian at heart, math/science teacher by day, and blogger by night. I currently live in Oakland, CA.

I teach, travel, and write. Incidentally, I've found that a pen, some paper, and a smile do wonders in collecting stories on the road, in the classroom, and a few places in between. This blog is a haphazard compilation of thoughts gathered while navigating the twists and turns of life abroad and at home. Neither rhyme nor reason exist in this blog. Well, there is some rhyme. And I try to reason. Generally, though, this blog is a reflection of my neurotic, analytical self. You've been warned.

These are my stories. Your stories await you. Go out and do something worth writing about.

Or read my stories.