Guide to An Efficient Homework Session... for me.

Notes to self:
1. Close Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Gchat. WHATEVER. I know it's boring, I know that no one is messaging you, but when you have your paper open in one window, and your News Feed open in another window, you're gunna suddenly become curious about that dude that lived on your floor freshman year whom you haven't spoken to in three semesters. You also won't care. But you'll wonder. And you'll wonder enough to abandon your paper for 4 more minutes.

2. Put away your TO-DO list. Put away your calendar. Worry about all that later.

3. Stop eating if you're not hungry. In fact, back away from the kitchen...

4. Keep a water bottle close at hand. It staves off hunger, minimizes reasons to leave your work (and become distracted yet again), and hey... in my experience, keeping hydrated solves a lot of personal medical problems.

5. Resist the urge to blog.


End note (not blog) to self.

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