The Amazing Race

With it being PCN season and all, I feel bad for feeling this way. But so be it.

I don't understand this strategy of making friends by searching for the Filipino community on campus, and then automatically assuming that y'all are cool.

To be quite honest, it breaks my heart a little that you would do that. It makes me pretty damn uncomfortable.

To each their own, I guess. To me, it just seems so cliquey... immature... exclusive... racist.. presumptuous... unfortunate...

...Is that why you're friends with me? Because I'm Filipina? Or maybe you see something more in me. But were I not Filipina, would you not have given me the time of day?

Within my own family, I am proud to be a Filipina. Among my Filipino peers, it makes me uneasy. Talk about stereotypes - it's in these groups that I feel categorized the most. Outside of that circle, I'm just me -- I get to choose. I'm a Berkeley student. Catholic. Peace & Conflict Studies Major. Sister. Friend. Roommate.

It's alright, I suppose. Just one more year of pretending that I feel like I belong to this Filipino-American community. Until then, you like me. I'll even pretend that it's for more reasons than the color of my skin.

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