Travel Journal.

I was going to break this down into several tweets, but I think I will just write it here instead. Pardon my typos. I am currently sitting in the lobby of Penn Station in NYC and headed for Penn Station in Baltimore. First and foremost, can I just say that I loathe Amtrak with a blood-boiling, toe-curling, hair-raising, tooth-and-nail-grinding passion? OK, thanks.

On a brighter note, just picked up my morning cup at a coffee bar. I thought I was going to go nuts with all the amazing choices they had to offer. I'm not too sure why an iced coffee costs $. 40 extra though.

Something I've observed: nothing has shown me more clearly character traits which I've developed (or inherited) than the time spent with someone with opposite traits. This week, I've learned that I'm a very organized and mildly germaphobic person. I'm constantly tracing dirt paths in my head to make sure that I dont use a soiled towel, etc. And I get unreasonaby obsessive about it, although it took 3 days with a laid-back, somewhat disheveled person to realize this.

OK, back to my coffee.

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