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Does anyone have any suggestions for me a to how to enforce rules in an effective and polite manner? ...My method always makes make me feel like the bad lady.

On that note, I understand the argument that "law enforcement" converts otherwise cooperative and peaceful environments into hostile communal areas, but right now, the way I see it:

1) There are folks that do not self-moderate for the sake of their neighbor; for one reason or another, many students have proven that their main concern is "#1"
2) The benefits of the rules which I enforce outweigh many of the excuses that I've come across
3) I'm not here to teach folks how to become law-abiding citizens, I'm here to help ensure a positive learning environment for the general public

I think that if folks took the time to understand the reasons for the some of these rules, they would be convinced of its importance.

I'm sorry that I only enforce rules and not persuade folks of the importance of the rules. I know that the latter would be much more helpful in the long run, but neither do I have the time of day nor do patrons.

Dear Patron,
Stop back-talking to me, rolling your eyes at me, ignoring me, and arguing with me. Please. I'm a student, too, just like you.


"Waking Life" - Is the search for total contentment an life phase, or is it life's driving force? Many times, I find that I'm telling myself that I just need to get through "this" (whatever "this" may be at a given moment) and it will pay off in the end.

I just need to get through this and we'll all be reunited soon.
I just need to get through this and I'll be better at my career.
I just need to get through this and I'll be more physically fit.
I just need to get through this to be financially independent.
I just need to get through this and I'll sleep tomorrow.
I just need to get through this in order to have more time for leisure later.


What seemed like his mistake 6 years ago now seems fitting. I didn't understand then and never thought I would, but... never say never. If six years from now, this all makes sense, then I'll be content.


Dear classmates in my Ed195C class,

I swear to you, I'm not in love with the sound of my own voice... but I do feel uncomfortable in long, drawn out silences. I'm tired of stepping up! I want to step back! Step UP, people!


I want my faux back.


I want to be famous one day.


I really enjoy singing with the choir at church.



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