One Order of Mental Stimulation, Please.

One of the hardest things about being a perfectionist is... despite the fact that perfection can never be achieved, a perfectionist never stops trying anyway.

= = =

My mind is in need of some stimulation. I've been getting an adequate amount of sleep every night -- to the point where I wake up before my alarm -- I sit in a high school classroom anywhere from 2-4 hours a day, perhaps grade for a few more hours, sit in a college classroom for another 4 hours, sit at home and do homework...

I'm bored!!!!

I'm used to getting almost no sleep, ruminating over my day, perfecting this, tweaking that, juggling schedules, interacting with students, hiding my smile when they unknowingly do something adorable, comparing notes with teachers, and just overall feeling like I was getting somewhere in life.

Patience has never been my strongest point.

On the upside, I've had a lot of free time to do things like attend jazz shows, go to the movies, visit museums, go to a couple of baseball games, follow football, go for bike rides, have dinner with friends, practice instruments..

Whatever, I'm bored.

I really want to leave town and go somewhere for a bit. Anywhere, really. Anywhere with different weather than Berkeley, with a different backdrop, perhaps populated with peoples of a different accent or jargon than Berkeley/Oakland/Albany. I want to go somewhere so far away (in culture? in climate? in... anything!) from Berkeley, that I'll actually miss my home, my room, my apartment, and... Berkeley. I want to want to be here. I'm anxious. And... I'm bored.

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