I’m now six months out of college. Only. Only?! College was an entire lifetime away. One my favorite lessons learned since then has to do with all the interesting people I’ve met since then, all of whom have one thing in common… keep reading.

The way I see it, there are those who are unable to work, perhaps some who are not compelled to work, those who hate their work, some who are so-so about their work, and finally, we have those who love their work. They love what they do. They didn’t necessarily imagine themselves doing this job at the ripe age of 3, 15 or 22, but they fell into it, the stars aligned, and bada-bing, bada-boom – a happy match between occupation and human being. This could result from a variety of combinations of factors such as sociable coworkers, bomb-ass bosses, paid vacation days, meaningful duties, and a six-figure salary. Or something.

And then… there are those who do what they love. These are the interesting people whom I’ve found myself running into on a weekly basis. Cynthia loves making music. Ann loves inspiring and helping people in their careers. Tomas loves teaching. Suzanne loves getting dressed up and loves bringing people together. Len loves performing and teaching music. Joy loves acting and script-writing.

I want to add them to my treasure chest of remarkable people. Granted, their successes in their fields of favor are irrelevant to me; their tricks of trade are useless in my trade of choice.
I admire them for the tireless energy they put into their craft. There aren’t enough hours for these people! Their motivation is genuine; while their audience appreciates their product, each masterpiece is loved most by its creator.

I look up to these people because they are constantly creating opportunities for themselves. Unfortunately, another feature which these people share is that riches are not guaranteed for musicians, actors, or teaching. Rather than focus on making money, then, they focus on making connections. You can’t always get what you need with money, but you can find people to help you in a variety of ways. These people trade. These people barter. These people have helped me recognize my own skills and my own resources and have inspired me to find ways to use these to help them. I think it’s safe to assume that they continue to do the same with everyone else they meet. Spend a few minutes with these people, and you’ll find yourself connected to someone who can get you free food, connect you with a record label, provide a venue for an open mic night, lend you a car, help you move into your new apartment, teach you how to cook a new dish… the list goes on. My treasure chest people are always connected with others because they have to be in order to keep doing what they do.

They are also always connected because their happiness is infectious. I submit that they are such happy people because they get to do what they love. I admire them not only because they are so happy, and not only because their joy is contagious, but because they all have developed an extensive fan base of supporters who are excited to watch them achieve their dreams.

I’m still carving away at an unknown path before me. I can honestly say that I’m not doing what I love – yet (besides writing, which I do love). My impatience with myself is overwhelming at the moment, but I hope that’s only because I’m very close to getting to where I need to be. Just gotta keep at it…
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