I still believe all things happen for a reason.

This topic may seem unfitting for my travel blog, but right now, it fits. I have a scheduled flight bound for LAX in four two, a hang out sess with my sis one and sis two and a ride from LAX to Irvine to SD approximately five hours after that. I have to attend a church service (the very reason for my visit) to SD tomorrow morning, a Padre game with my best friend, Brian, and his cousins. I was planning on attending the Del Mar Faire, my happiest place on earth, a place where I have not visited in years on Monday. Tuesday was scheduled to be brunch with elementary through high school best friend and taco Tuesday with Kuya and family. Wednesday was going to be a romantic, long car ride up the Western coast with Brian. Thursday was going to be rock climbing in the South Bay. Friday was going to be a day in Oakland and Berkeley, lunch at Brazil cafe, meet up with my beloved former roommates, and dinner with sorority sisters (a date/time/and location which was chosen by yours truly). Saturday was going to be a 10K race in Antioch followed by a JET all day orientation in San Francisco. Sunday was going to be a nice, leisurely flight back to the islands with Brian.

Instead, none of that is going to happen.

I'm trying to believe that there is a reason that things don't happen.

I'm writing this blog post as I wait on hold for a Delta travel agent on the phone to cancel my flight. I'm trying to look for what is to be learned of this change in plans two hours before a flight.

1.) Always have money in your savings account for the unexpected.
2.) Shit happens. Doesn't matter how far in advanced you plan; doesn't matter if you think you covered all your bases, or even if you did. Shit's still gon' happen.

3.) There's no such thing as shouldawouldacoulda if you're always tryna be on top of your game. I started bringing myself down by thinking that I should have read the visa application earlier instead of waiting til the last minute -- oh wait, I did -- I should keep on top of my paperwork -- oh wait, I do -- I should woken up extra early each day to make sure that everything I needed to get done got done within a reasonable amount of time -- yeah, did that too. There's only so much time in the day and only so much you can do in that amount of time. Can't sweat it if you didn't do something in the past if you were occupied at the time with something equally as important. 

4.) It's lucky that I read all the fine print now and did deep, thorough research about my visa application even if it is this late in the game. I can only hope that it's not too late. That being said, I thought that I read and researched everything that there was out there days and weeks ago. It's impossible to know if you'

The next thing that I'm praying for is for my visa to Japan to be processed quickly and smoothly. Emphasis on quickly; I don't care much for the smoothly part. Please, Lord God, be processed in time for mine and Brian's SE Asia trip. Please. Please.



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