"You are no longer approachable"

I took a strange personality test today. It involved choosing from a series of black and white photos; it had strange questions and answers like "Inside..." Choose one: 1) bird cage 2) frog 3) needle 4) anatomical torso. Strange, strange, strange. I thought it was BS even as I was taking it and didn't think that the result would strike any kind of chord with me... My results said:

"You are fiercely ambitious and a leader. You fear becoming stagnant and bored, therefore you are always moving and seeking adventure.

You fear being influenced by others. You want to be as independent as possible. You do not seek to please. Because of this, you are no longer seen as as friendly and approachable as you once were."

Eh... Creepy and kind of depressing. Weirder still, I was just thinking about all this last night. I was thinking about how I am more choosey about who I spend my time with nowadays and how I don't try make any effort to try to get people to like me. I'm busy doing my own thing--whoever cares to join me is welcome to tag along; otherwise, I'll see you later (or not). I try to maintain deep relationships with friends, but I'm mostly just trying indulge my (thus far) unquenchable thirst for adventure and do awesome things. I'm less concerned about other people around me; I'm less likely to put up with with people I don't want to invest my time and efforts in.

That's not to say that I act rude and inconsiderate... I hope I don't. I'm just saying--you take care of you and I'll take care of me. I got a long ways to go in this journey of life; I ain't wasting any time.

Is this change in attitude just a sign of growing up?

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