I'm independent, I don't need anyone. I've moved from city to city all my life. I've had to make new friends more times than I can count. My family hasn't lived all together since I was 18.

Lies, lies, lies... these are all lies. Well, OK, they're all true, but that first sentence is a lie.

I've made it as far as I have because of my family and because of my chosen family who adopted a nomad girl like me. My parents loved me so much that they raised me to be an adventurous, adaptable, and curious person. They knew that when I turned 18 and moved out of the house that they were releasing me into the world.

I stand on my own, but I do need people. I've always needed my family and friends. I still do.

The holidays and the cold wintertime is a difficult time to be away from family.

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