The Pursuit of --

You're pursing something.
Right now, you're working towards something.
You want it badly.
What is it? Where is it?
Why do you want it? 
How long have you wanted it?
Will it make you happy? Are you unhappy unless you have it?
Will it fulfill you? Are you unfulfilled until you have it?

What do you want? It's hazy now. Why do you want it? It's hazy now.
It's happiness. It's a better job. It's a healthy relationship. It's more time. It's quality time. It's work. It's recreational time.
It's elusive. It comes in and out of focus.
You're happy. You want to be happier. You have like. You want love. You have a home. You want the world. You have the world. You want a home.

Whatever it is that you want,
I hope you work hard for it.
I hope you don't become fooled with easily attainable things,
and think that you've already won,
and think that the adventure is over.
I hope you don't become distracted from what's important.
I hope that you're forced to make tough decisions along the way.
I hope that you appreciate your growth with each battle in your pursuit.
I hope you collect sweet memories along the way,
I hope you make and cherish supportive and loving relationships along the way,
I hope you become smarter, stronger, and more courageous along the way.

I hope you dream big--bigger than you can ever attain--
not much bigger, only slightly.
I hope that your pursuit never ends.
I hope that you cherish that pursuit.
You're pursuing something.
You're giving it all you've got.
And that's good enough.