2013: The Year of "Do"

What I Did:

1. My sisters came to Tokyo for the first time in over a decade.

...we visited a shrine for New Year along with what I can only assume is about half the population of Japan.

2. I made new friends.
...mostly French.

...and also a lot of ex-pat, former-Cali, new friends

3. I faced my fear of heights.

4. I inadvertently had a week-long full immersion Japanese experience...

...and traversed some sand dunes while I was at it.

5. I saw (...and ate...) almost all of Taiwan.

6. Spent 10 days in China...

6. ... a few days in South Korea...

7. ...and some family time for Christmas and New Year in the Philippines.

...with Ayumi, my other half.

8. I continued old hobbies.

I ran a lot.

(one relay race, three half marathons, a 9-mile "run from hell" (as it's actually called), 
and one full marathon, to be exact)

And I read a lot.

(40 books!)

And I found one of my new favorite books, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

9. I also pushed myself to get better at newer hobbies.

10. I took a step or two forward in the love department.

11. Most importantly, I enjoyed life to the fullest all year round.

Thanks for the memories, 2013!