This past year, I thought I'd try to deepen my spirituality in some way, like reading the bible, going to church, mediating, learning more about yoga, learning about Confucianism or Buddhism... And then I did none of those things. Or rather, I tried all of those things, but none felt right. Not even church felt right anymore. I prayed sometimes, and sometimes that felt right. Other times, prayer felt like nothing more than run-on trains of thought. What was I looking for when I hoped to deepen my spirituality? Peace, hope, acceptance, stillness, clarity, direction, gratitude, connection with something outside myself...

One's religion is whatever allows you to latch on to the fiber of humanity and the universe--the fiber that stretches over eons, connecting every being, matter, and energy that is, ever was, and ever will be. It's what lifts you, what brings you to your knees, what connects you, what turns you inward, what brings you pause, is your flow.

Writing, music, and running are my religion. What's yours?

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