I try to stay positive in my day-to-day everythings, and I generally succeed. Let me just preface this second consecutive, negative blog post with the explanation that writing is my outlet to frustrations of all sorts.

That being said.

People who disrespect others' time = fail at life.

I'm tired of getting stood up, of waiting on others, and of being forced to rearrange my schedule (and thus the schedules of others who count on me). I understand the value of time, which is all well and good, until my time is at the mercy of another.

To those of you who have been late, canceled plans last minute, or just never bothered to show up, think of the consequence of your actions on the rest of us, please.

We're hungry from waiting for you. We're waiting in the rain. We live far from home and can't be out too late. We have other appointments to attend to. We arranged our schedule around the time when you promised that you would be free. We were forced to cancel other plans to make this meeting with you.

The possibilities - or probabilities - don't end.

I'm the kind of person that seizes control of any situation at hand. The fact that these inconveniences (to put it lightly) keep coming up tells me that I need to start taking control.

My Options:
  1. Make it clear to people that I have somewhere to be afterwards, and that the meeting needs to be over by a certain time. Hopefully, this will make it obvious to them that they need to arrive on time.
  2. Always bring work to do so that even if I end up having to wait or getting stood up, I can make the most of my idle time.
  3. If they are late by an unreasonable amount of time, leave and go on with my schedule.
  4. Lead by example.

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