I think that I will just update here periodically instead of Twitter.. because I'm at my computer anyway, and because the urge to Tweet is followed by inevitable twit-scroll through everyone's lives.

12:26 p.m.:

Beautiful day out.

Church was lovely.

"God knows what is in your heart." my first thought: 'Len, God knows you're in there, say hi!' ...cheesy, I know, I know..

I didn't follow the grape vine analogy too well. but MAD PROPS to the male Catholic feminists out there. Is it inappropriate to throw up snaps in church?

Special K & Coffee for lunch. Hella thrown from my morning routine.

Watched YouTube videos on the phone with my mom and talked about Twitter. I think that she wants to get one.

9:45 p.m.:

I owned every hour of my day -- not a minute was wasted. OK, that's not to say that each minute was spent writing, but it's better than two hours passing and thinking, "did I just look at photos on facebook for two hours?!"

...and OK, i went on twitter quite a bit. I'll try to stop.

I am also confident that I will own each of the next 18 hours. If I want to have a productive 4:00a.m., I will! If I want to sleep for only 30min, then so be it!


11:13 p.m.:

I think my legs are undergoing muscle atrophy. and I'm bored-hungry again.

11:25 p.m.:

I'm averaging 2.2 new followers on Twitter per day... in reality though, I've received 6 in the past 24 hours. People -> Twitter : Moths -> flame : Me -> distractions

12:21 a.m.:

Paper frustrations have found their way to poor me. in the refined words of my man shaq: AAGGGHHH

Shower & grub to get refocused. Maybe coffee. Definitely not tea.

1:04 a.m.:

I thought I was going to get away this finals season without any of my dramatic changes (remodeling room, new piercing...) but, I lose. While taking my shower, I decided that I am getting a new hairstyle. Just like that. And so it will be. After this paper.

1:22 a.m.:

OK, this log is getting ridiculous. but "blog mobile" ?!?! Basically REAL twitter-blogging... even twitpic-blogging. forget you, facebook.
4:14 a.m.:

12 hours to go. Why do I insist on stretching this assignment? Also, I'm an idiot. We played "Lost Without You" for PCN last year.
8:30 a.m.:

9:09 a.m.:

I think I'm going to meet @gabebondoc one day. Like, I'm pretty sure I will. Also, finally ironing out the finer details of essay #3. A+, f'sho!

9:50 a.m.:

Forget you, Pandora. You were supposed to serenade me with at least one million songs of similar rhythm, style, or genre -- if I wanted to hear periodic intervals of the same songs on 3-peat, I would have listened to KyXy (aka KOIT, for you Bay Area speakers. pun intended.)
12:01 p.m. :

2:35 p.m.:

DONE. Save. Print.

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