I Still Kind Of Sort Of Believe I Can Be a Writer One Day

Writing in a personal blog with a few invited readers can have its limitations (no offense; thanks for reading, by the way). I've had many lovely creative urges to write lately, but this blog didn't seem like the right medium.

I wrote a few lengthy posts on AnonCon this year (can't get enough of that thing, even three finals seasons after graduating) and I've had a lot of positive responses. In some posts, I wanted to share ideas for "life lessons" that I'm thinking of including in a self-help book, if I ever write one. We'll see. I'm feeling pretty good about audience reactions so far. Nothing beats anonymous readers saying things like... 
"I'm an undergrad right now, sophomore, and this really spoke to me... This is great. Thank you." 
"Thank you for the words of wisdom." 
"omg why didnt you give the commencement speech at the spring 2011 graduation? ...."
I also wrote a few stories/excerpts of my life. I was not looking for pity or attention; I may have been looking for a bit of a release or closure, but I mostly just wanted a chance to tell a story in an (hopefully) interesting and heartfelt way. Responses to these different stories include,
"This makes me happy :) Thank you for sharing..." 
"This story is so sad..." 
"This story gives me hope."
"This story is both adorable and surprisingly hot..." 
Yay :) I hope to one day have enough life experience (or imagination) to fill a book. A whole, entire book. Watch out for me, world.

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