"Why did you tell them the whole truth? I would have just lied. Or at least left out some parts of the story."

I can't help it! I even told you everything about you-know-what. The truth has always been more interesting to me than any story I could make up. I can't keep a secret to save my life and I can't bear to spare the details. I can't even give the coffee guy a boring, simple answer to his question of "so, what do you do here in the city?"

What I should have said: "I work at ********  for *****"

What I said: "Well, I'm working a temp job right now, but like, super temporary because I'm moving to Hawai'i soon. I'm actually a teacher. Well, I was a teacher -- in Oakland -- until I quit my job. Then I was out of work for a while, but my friend helped me out and got me this temp job in the city. In that building right over there... It pays the bills, you now. Anyway, that's what I do right now. I'm temping."

Coffee guy: "Oh. Well. Would you like room for cream?"

What I should have said: "No, thanks."

What I said: "Oh, it's OK, I like my coffee black. Plus, I've heard so much about your coffee that I've been dying to taste it and you can't get the real taste of coffee if it's all contaminated with cream and sugar."

...Damnit, April. Shut up.

I guess this explains the wearing-my-heart-on-my-sleeve bit about me and the fact that I blog.

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