allow me to introduce myself.
it's interesting how even the best of the best of the friends
can know everything about me, yet miss the little things.
it's not on purpose
on their part or mine.
so i thought that i'd provide a nice little reference.

I really like collecting paper (but I'm not sure why).
I find it difficult to go to bed or get out of bed at any time other than the top or bottom of the hour.
It's pretty easy for me to stay up late regardless of how tired I am.
My legs really like to walk.
Spiders still scare me (a lot).
I oftentimes find myself in situations where I'm stifling a laugh and barely breathing in trying to stay cool because no one else thought something was funny.
The only thing that I knew about football before this year was what one looked like and what a touchdown was (sorta). But Len has taught the A-Z of the game for both college and pro, and now I can't get enough of it.
I don't particularly like snow.

Thanks for wasting your time by
reading this post.
It probably won't change your life,
but i'm bored.

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