A Man Prays to Win the Lottery...

A lot of folks have posted their New Year's non-resolutions, alternatives, reasons for not making resolutions, etc. It really would be more novel of me to write up a list of resolutions here since it seems that no one else is doing it.

Why are y'all giving up before even trying? So what if you miss the bar each year after setting new resolutions -- at least you still had the guts to dream up some goals for yourself! You've gotta show up for the race even if you don't know if you're gunna finish. You've gotta buy a lottery ticket to win the lotto. Haha.

Anyway, here are mine:

1. Improve my running -- namely, my endurance.
2. Save up money to go to Cuba in July.
3. Write down a few sentences about each non-school-related book that I finish.
4. Write down the negative things that I think about myself as they occur to me, allow myself to think through why I think that about myself, and then scratch it out and replace it with a positive thought about myself. This year is all about positive self image.
5. Learn how to meditate. Meditate.

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