Nyquil Dreams

Oh my gulay... I've been sick with a fever and all kinds of cold symptoms for the past couple of days, so I took Nyquil last night. The Nyquil knocked me out for a good 12 hours and gave me some of the gnarliest dreams.

I need to spend a few minutes detangling reality from fantasy.

1. My iPhone did not shatter in my pocket and its screen is not stuck playing white noise like an old TV.
2. I did not not get invited by PCN choir to sing the Pilipino National Anthem in front of thousands at HP Pavillion to open for the Backstreet Boys.
3. My friends from middle school and high school do not know my college friends and they did not purposefully hang out without me in the city.
4. I do not normally bring an entire rice cooker full of rice as my baon to school...
5. ...nor do I frantically hop fences and break into people's houses at night to use as short cuts in order to get from one side of Berkeley to the other.

OK, sounds good.

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