Is it Happy Hour Yet?

Shame on me for multi-tasking, but...

As I organize my lesson plan for tomorrow, I shoot an email to a teacher friend from last summer (OK, employer from last summer), turn my head the other way and see that a younger friend is IM-ing me asking for advice about teacher prep programs. I turn my head again to shoot off another email to teacher friends at Mills. I turn the other way to put my young friend in contact with another teacher friend of mine... then the cell phone rings indicating that I've received a text message (from a teacher friend)... I call up the boyfriend because he was supposed to come over for dinner hours ago... turns out he knocked out and has been asleep this whole time. He's tired from a day of teaching, of course.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to Seattle in 1.5 weeks. Not to mention happy hour on Friday.

In response to my goals for today:
1) Met
2) Met
3) Met
4) Halfway met (the other student was absent)

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