Run, Post

Didn't put up a pic of last Saturday's run because I can't figure out how to do it on google maps this time. Basically, ran from friend's place in Piedmont to Lake Merritt, circled the lake, then ran back to her place (6 mi.). We're plateauing for the next couple of weeks as part of our running plan.

It rained today, but we stuck to our regimen anyway. It was my first rain run and it was GLORIOUS. My hair was matted to my face, my hoodie was soaked all the way through to my shirt, and mud soaked through my shoes. The weather wasn't very cold, so I still broke a sweat and that sweat mixed with the rainwater.

It probably wasn't the best idea to wear a grey shirt, but in the end, I only felt prouder of myself to see how soaked I was.

I hope it rains tomorrow!

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