Stretch, stretch, stretch

What I really should be doing at 8:25 in the AM is getting ready for school (God bless 9:10 AM school start times).

As of lately, I've picked up a morning ritual of yoga exercises between breakfast and getting dressed. Physical stretching. Mental cleansing. Sun salutation.

No yoga today, though. I need to do some mental stretching.

My goals for today are:
1) Less teacher talk -- less standing in front of the classroom, less "blah blah blah science blah blah blah please no talking blah blah blah can I get a volunteer" (medium)
2) Fall back into the rhythm that has already been set into place in this classroom and do my best to teach w/in that rhythm. Too much change at once has been like trying to fight against an ocean current. (difficult)
3) Finally pass back out the stack graded papers (easy)
4) Touch base with the 2 students who have fallen behind in this past week (difficult)

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