5-Year Plan

2011-2013: Teach 8th grade science in (preferably) Oakland or (if that doesn't work out) West Contra Costa or (maybe even) San Francisco. Get BTSA stuff outta the way. Knock down 2 years out of my 4-year commitment for the TEACH grant. Maybe even get an APLE grant. (*crossing fingers*). Complete my Master's at Mills. Visit the Philippines and surrounding countries

2013-2015: Teach and live in NYC with Laelena. Complete 4-year TEACH grant commitment (celebrate). Rub elbows with public education progressives. Spend at least one summer volunteering (or getting paid) in another country.

2015-2016: Teach and live near D.C. Get National Board Certification. Meet Obama (Obama '12, whoo!). Reevaluate life. Celebrate 28th birthday. Look into PhD/EdD programs.


Just gotta set this in blog-stone before I chicken out or -- worse -- get too settled in one place.

As I write this, I start to wonder if I should give myself a 2-year grace period for each stepping stone. Then I realize -- duh, April! The whole point of setting this in blog-stone is so I don't make excuses for myself!

Step 1: Do it.
Step 2: Figure it out.
Step 3: Be happy that I did it.


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