Know Thyself/Intimate Relationships

"Without a Thou, there is no I evolving, without an It, there is no figure, no heat, but only an affair of mirrors confronting each other" -David Hawkins, 1967
In my quest for inspiration, I find that is necessary to take pause and self-reflect. I spend so much time looking to others... Perhaps I'll also find inspiration in my own traits?

I think it's time for me to blog about myself.

Ways that I am awesome:
-I am able to translate my thoughts to words on a page
-I care about my students
-I know what I want to do for a career
-I am on my way to doing that career
-I am a musician
-I am physically fit and coordinated
-I can keep up in conversations about sports
-I am a good conversationalist
-I like how I look
-I am an avid reader
-I care about my friends' feelings
-I am responsible
-I have a sense of humor
-I am willing to try almost anything -- I am a "yes"-sayer
-I dream big
-I practice seeing the best in people; I practice assuming that everyone has good intentions
-I have seen many places
-I understand (and somewhat speak) Tagalog
-I avoid conflict by all means
-I like to keep busy and productive
-I am a "thinker"... I like to reflect on myself and make connections between my experiences in the world
-I am pretty organized, neat, and clean (most days)
-I am good to my family
-I love striking up conversations with strangers at the ball park, at the airport, and anywhere else where folks are generally happy and excited in the moment
-I like to network; I like to see how people can help me get to where I want to go in life and I like putting people in contact with others who can help them with their dreams and ambitions

= = =
I disagree with having to stand alone to see who we are. Yes, my true self is affected by the company I keep, but "without a thou, there is no I evolving". I would not know who I am were it not for the people who allow me to become as close a friend to them as I can. I would not be who I am were it not for the people who allow me to make deep connections with them. I often do not know why others permit me to become acquainted with them so intimately, but I am thankful for it. I'd like to think that I have some power in the matter as well, that I choose to know you once you give me the go-ahead. I choose you because I want you to help me become a better person.

That's all.

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