Cuba: An Overview in Photos

Hello, Cuba! Day 1. A taxi driver pulls up to us on the street and claims to recognize Dr. T from the last time she was in Cuba. So excited to ride on of these oldie cars.
Chillin' parkside.
On my way to a private Cuban jazz show. Posters along the way.
What's in your bag? For me -- a fan, a book, a map, a chocolate snack, a water bottle, a music instrument, paper and pen. Meanwhile, I relax by the pool with an espresso and a cigar (not pictured).
Nothing beats sun, water, and a good book.
Saying goodbye to some new friends. I gave them my aviators and my The City t-shirt as parting gifts. 
Remember me, Cuba! I'll be back.

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  1. looked like a fun trip! you have to tell me more about it next time i see you =)