Cuba: An Overview of Events

  • visiting the doctor -- breaking out into hives that lasted for 3 days; receiving a shot, fainting and having a panic attack at the clinic; dieting on white rice and water only for two days; care and gratitude from/for my doctor
  • roaming the streets of Santiago de Cuba on the last night of Fiesta del Fuego 
  • dancing at Palacio de la Rumba
  • meeting people while dancing at the festival... going to the "majestic" beach with them the next day
  • visiting the babalawo -- santeria padrino: my readings
  • visiting many artists in their home studios
  • visiting monuments and cemeteries
  • visiting government organizations and a polyclinic
  • singing, dancing, and meeting people at the Malecon until 2:30 a.m.
  • clubs closing at 6 a.m., barely making it to see 1:00 a.m.
  • visiting an old slave coffee plantation
  • visiting markets for art, fruits, and trinkets
  • night walk -- ice cream and mystery food
  • lively Cuban jazz... from Oakland.
  • magic show
  • disorientation and culture shock upon arriving in Miami
  • waking up upon landing in San Francisco after a life-changing trip; glancing down at my watch to see it freaking out (it officially broke as we touched down) and looking out the window of the airplane, momentarily forgetting what city and airport we were flying into -- not truly coming-to and remembering where I was until I was on my way to baggage claim.

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