Cuba: An Overview of Bloggable Topics

  • Making friends
  • the Cubanos who made my trip
  • learning how to dance
  • Solo exploration; feeling safe
  • negotiating meaning
  • feeling at-home -- familiarity and nuance: Cuba both reminding me of the Philippines and offering the fresh experiences that I crave after being stuck in a rut for so long
  • feeling deliriously happy
  • african drumming
  • learning to distinguish between reggaeton, reggae, cuban jazz, salsa, rumba, afro-cuban music...
  • building bridges across language barriers - finding commonalities in music, dance, culture, and sports
  • gratitude and humility -- a Filpina/American reminded of the realities of economics, materialism, and the importance of friends and family
  • Music, music, music
  • hot weather and reading... being outside and chillin' water-side
  • vices - mojitos, cervezas, cigarros, and cigarillos
  • meeting 20-somethings from all over the world
  • sleeping late, waking up early, and taking frequent naps anywhere and everywhere
  • saving and spending money
  • multiple daily espressos that meet my approval 
  • things to pack while day traveling: a hat, small bills, handkerchief, pen and notebook, camera, water bottle, toilet paper, map, book, musical instrument, bag of mixed nuts, sunglasses
  • not wanting to hide behind a camera; bringing a pen and small notebook everywhere, instead
  • running into new friends on the street
  • reading up on the political and cultural history of Cuba prior to arriving; learning and unlearning about the politics and culture of Cuba through conversations and visits
  • the diversity of Cuba -- feelings of solidarity, welcome, and uniqueness
  • español de Cuba
  • meeting foreigners from all over the world
  • getting caught in lightening storms
  • chivalry
  • learning about Cuban politics from new friends in a dance club
  • pride in representing my heritage
  • bittersweetness; hopes for keeping in touch and future reunions despite bad odds

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