Just Little Things

Went home yesterday thinking, "F- this. I don't know what I'm doing with the kids tomorrow. I don't care.  F- teaching. F- them. I'm going home and going to sleep." Mind you, this was 5 pm.

I spent the evening laying on the couch. I then decided to get boba. Spent an hour or so at Sweethearts. And was in bed by 8pm.

It was glorious.

I went to school today still having no idea what I was going to do. Ended up showing an educational video with an accompanying worksheet (thanks, BrainPOP).

Today was still crazy (one kid danced in her chair, another kid danced on top of the table, and a couple of kids wanted to start fighting each other -- the fighting kids are 6th grade boys, both of whom are about half my size, so whatevskis).

But there were a few good things that happened, too -- I observed my kids in their other classes (I left them Post-It notes with positive comments). I thanked a teacher for helping me out today; she wrote me back later this evening telling me that my thanking her turned her mood around after a bad day. I also helped a new teacher get ready for her new job as a math teacher.

I met with several other teachers today about strategies that are working for both of us with our students.

I brainstormed with students and other teachers about providing "advanced" science work for students who need something to do while their classmates are acting a fool.

I shared half my lunch with a kid who forget her lunch and shared my microwave with a couple of kids who needed to heat up their lunch.

--- It's the little things like these that I need to hold on to to remind myself why I teach. And it's the little things like these that other teachers do for me that help me get through days when I can't remember why I teach.

Hoping for another day full of little things tomorrow.

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