Just Things

Things I'm trying to remind myself:

It was a short week last week due to being out sick. It is a short week this week due to the long weekend. It will be a short week next week due to PD.

That being said, I can't let how stressful yesterday was disillusion me into thinking that I'm not fit to be here. Yesterday was only a matter of 1) the students being out of sync with the routine we had going and 2) my forgetting how difficult every day really is and forgetting how I deal with difficult days.

One teacher down. I'm not next. I'm not. Every veteran teacher here has told me that they went through the process of wanting to quit during their first year. Every first year teacher here has told me that they have thought about it, too.

Nothing will get better if I leave, so leaving is not a better alternative.

Things to focus on:
1) helping a fellow colleague with interview stuff over the weekend. She not only proceeded to get a job offer, but has been invited to another interview with another school.
2) helping a friend in studying for her CSET
3) the fact that I ran 20+ miles this weekend, 16 of which was in one run. Go April!
4) Today is a new day.

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