'Tis the season to be restful.

The two main charges that my coworkers and bosses gave me for this fall break is to 1) rest and 2) lesson plan. Grades are also due right before we get back, so of course this means grading and entering/finalizing grades.

On top of all that, I want to make about a million system changes, but fall break is only 1 week long: hardly enough time for 1 million system changes.

= = =

Tomorrow is only Tuesday of fall break and my tummy is already queasy thinking about the rest of the semester. And school year. 

I am currently living the hardest year of my teaching career. Isn't that crazy?! Possibly my life. Hah. However hard things are right now... that this is basically as hard as it gets. And lemme tell you... it's hella freaking hard. Every day feels like battle. Every night feels like preparing for battle after having fought a battle. Every weekend is spent recounting the previous week's battles in hopes of conjuring up new strategies for the week following. 

I'm living the hardest year of my career and yet here I am ready to return to school come Monday. Bring it. I need to get the other end of the year one way or another, and as far as I know, the only way to get to the end of the year is to teach through it. No way around it. The year is going to be messy and ugly, but come what may, it will happen. And I'll inch along in my progress along the way -- I don't have to wait until year 2 to get better because I get better with each week.

I'm living the hardest year of my career and yet I am not giving up. That's awesome. I'm awesome. Yes. Go me.
Things will get better, slowly but surely.

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