My Sub-20-Miler

~19.2 mi in ~3:45.

Today was the best I've ever ran in distance and in pace. I only stopped a couple of times for water; other than that, I kept up a 10min/mi pace for the first time ever on a long run. 

That is, except for the last two miles. I stopped into Sports Authority to buy (and down) a couple of packs of Mint Chocolate Gu (love that stuff). Afterwards, my right knee totally gave out. I had no phone and no money for the bus, so I had no choice but to start walking home on a bum knee.

As I hobbled down San Pablo, an old man with a cane approached me and commented wistfully on my bad knee. That was kinda funny to me, despite the fact that I felt so pathetic.

All movement was painful, but I tried running rather than walking anyway because I figured if I was going to go home in pain, I might as well get there sooner. After 1 block, my knee gave in from under me, though, causing me to nearly fall over, so I slowed down and continued limping.

I prayed to God for a friend to drive by and spot me in order to give me a ride home.

And my prayers were answered. Two blocks after my prayer was sent to the heavens, I crossed an intersection and heard a voice call out to me. Tony Wu was in the car waiting at the intersection. HALLELUJAH. This is the boy whom I have not seen in months and months, and there was he to my rescue. He took me home and all was well.

Thank you, God. And Tony Wu.

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