This person edited together ~1 second of every day of her life in 2011.

Her blurb about this video (and her video) inspired me:
I'd made this video for myself as a way to keep my usually shy-self active and lift my spirits when I'm down about work, paying rent, figuring... everything out. I thought the finished product would only be seen by my friends and family. All your kind words and support have blown me away and made me more and more grateful for the life I've been dealt. 
I find it interesting how this girl says that she is usually shy, feels that she has to push herself to be active, is busy with work, and has many other stresses in her life -- yet when she took a second (pun intended), closer look at her past year, she was more able to see the awesome things that she has going for her. What would a second look at my own life reveal to me?

I want to do something like this project of hers, though I'm not good with video editing and have become less fond of taking pictures since my teen years. I'm thinking something along the lines of a line-a-day Post-it collection. It would be similar to the infamous 140-characters-or-less rule, except it would be private rather than posted in the Twitterverse, where butchered thoughts beg for peer praise/approval/laughter.

I wonder how I should limit myself... One sentence per day or all-that-can-fit-on-a-Post-it per day? Words only or doodles too?

One-a-day for 365 is extremely daunting, so I'll try it for a short while and see how it goes.

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