For the Sake of Running

At this point in the race, I'm not running from anything or to anywhere.
I've neither a captor nor a destination.

Sometimes, I'll run as fast as I possibly can.
Other times, I'll become frustrated that my body cannot carry me as fast as I want to go.

I'll remember that distance, not speed, is key.

I'll understand that I'm going to be using muscles that I do not normally use.
These are the muscles that will feel the most pain.

I'll undertand that I've trained for this moment in various capacities.
I'm stronger and more skilled than I think.

Periodically, I will get tired during some legs of the run.
I will accept moral support.

I will push through the the arduousness of solo runs.
I will celebrate unparalleled feelings of peace and accomplishment that follow solo runs.

I will run to carve out my own twisted, winding path.
I will run for the sake of running.

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