Late Night Snax.

Blogging means being able to say what you want and answering to no one.
Well, readers will disagree regardless of the nonsensical-ness of a post... but eh... temperate disagreement, laziness, and a short attention span will render an unsatisfied reader comment-less.

Hmm. Today.
-If you are looking for a quick way to lose your appetite (perhaps for a post-holiday diet), tune in to the Pac-Life Holiday Bowl 2009. Don't watch the whole game. Do as I did, and watch the last 2 min. Skip to 4th & 3, Arizona ball. Yeah.

-Avatar was good. Like, GOOD good. My image of heaven is complete. It was pretty awkward watching the movie so close to a Marine base... Also, I live in military housing, with a military family, military, military, military...

-Sigh. Tomorrow is the last day of 2009. If I have one regret of the past year, it's this (listen closely): I wish I had watched Amer Idol and voted religiously for Adam Lambert. That man coulda gone all the way. Apologies, Adam.

-I love hot weather. I love the beach, I love dressing in summer clothes, I love being greeted by a morning heat wave (pun intended) when I step outside in the morning AND when I step outside at night (it's grool. catch that - great/cool.), I love eating cold food (in hot weather), and... I think that's it.

-June 25th, 2009. MJ, KoP dies. I'll always remember where I was and whose company I was sharing when I found out. First, I was shopping for postcards at Berkeley AvantCard with my sisters who came to visit for the summer. A customer came in and started chatting it up with the lady behind the counter. I heard something about MJ being rushed to the hospital. *Shrug*. Afterward, sisters and I went to Sweethearts, placed our order, and then enjoyed our drinks on the three stools by the oddly-squat, rectangular window. My co-worker skateboarded by, and I couldn't help calling out after him through the open window. What can I say? Kid's dope. He stopped. Words were exchanged. Then, another co-worker walked by. He stopped. More words. Finally, at something like 2:17pm, a third (well, if you include me, I guess she's fourth) co-worker walked by. She was on her cell phone. One of the guys called after her. She paused, asked her cell buddy to hold, turned to us and said in an excited voice, "Michael Jackson just died!".... That was it. That's how I found out. Just like that.

I didn't know how to feel, to tell you the truth. I mean, I didn't know the guy. Personally, that is. I called Len an hour or so later and casually - sort of confusedly - brought it up. Poor Len... he didn't know! Oh no. So then that's how he found out. Just like that. I remember that he was really sad... It was then that I felt sad, too.

I watched the memorial on TV later on... whenever it was that it took place. I was playing hooky from something. I don't remember what from. I really wanted to see it though, and we still don't have our DVR. I watched it by myself because no one was home. And ohhhhhh man..... before long, I was bawling like a gassy baby. And then Len came over and caught the tail end of it all. And then we cried together.

-Obama has been in office for a while now. I don't feel too different yet. But. I know he's done a lot, which I don't have to get into right now because this is my blog and I answer to no one. Especially at 1 AM or 3 AM or whatever time it is wherever you are. Anyway. I'm still holding out on running into him here. We went to a beach yesterday which was apparently like right where he's staying. Do presidents let people take pictures with them if they're spotted on the green or having a cup of tea or something? ...How bout if the person voted Democrat in the last election?

-A lot of folks on Facebook and in my email threads are going through their post-Christmas, pre-new year lament: "I'm sooooo bored at home." "I want to go back to Berkeley." "I'm tired of my family. I miss my friends." and "My high school friends are annoying."

-Twilight? Jonas Brothers? Miley Cyrus? ...I really am getting old, aren't I. I'm glad that when I was a 13-year-young girl, teeny bopper celebrities were actually talented. And hot. BSB4Lyfe.

-Guilty pleasure: Shopping and being a "girly girl". Ahh for real. I want to be down-to-earth. I want to be low-maintenance. I want to be smart with my money. I want to be simple. I want to be all these things. But... put a credit card and a few Christmas gift cards in my hands, a pair of comfy shoes on my feet, and zwoom. That's right, zwoom. Money: gone. Adorable outfits: mine.

K, I think I'm tired now. Also, I need to wash the dishes. Well, not really. I need to rinse the dishes so that they will be fit for the dishwasher. You know. The pre-washing for the washing.

Good night.

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