New Decade Resolutions

New year resolutions are sooooo 2009. You so two-thousand-and-late.

Since this is the dawn of a new decade, I figured: Why set intense, short-term goals when I can set long-term goals which'll only take an ounce of daily/weekly/annual effort?

So, here they are... My Long Term Goals of Decade II of the New Millennium.

-Start a personal library
-Work on a new wardrobe
-Get better at singing
-Become an avid writer
-Win an award
-Be able to understand a little bit of another language
-Be married. Maybe. I don't know, never mind.
-Travel a lot... even if that includes not leaving the country much.
-Make sure that my sisters graduate from a respectable college and each have good jobs

OK, I think that's it. For now.

Good-bye, old decade of new millennium! Hello 2010!

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