tongue tied

The following post was actually written on 5-15-09. It is now 12-15-09.
I was too self-conscious to publish it 7 months ago, but now.. it's whatevz. I guess.

= = =

I'm probably a terrible person for feeling this way, but I hate small talk. If you've ever approached me and said "Hi, how are you." -- just like that, period, no questions mark -- I probably said "Good! ..." and in my fluster, forgot the required "Thank you, how about you."

If you said "Man, I'm so tired from finals..." I probably said "Yeah, me too." -- just like that, quick to agree, no questions asked. The conversation probably even ended there.

Or maybe you said "Hi!" and I said "Man, this weather............................. well, bye now."

I'm sorry, I feel like an anti-social prick for hating small-talk so much. I am by no means, however anti-social. If anything, I'm anti-loneliness. I'm just slow to think of an engaging conversation topic, self-conscious, unsure of your genuine interest in big-talk, and, well,

I'm awkward. Yoink. >.<

= = =

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