Less than Superhuman

The following post was written on Jan 23, 2011. I was too embarrassed to publish it at the time, but I'm so excited for this weekend that I don't mind posting this anymore. Without much further ado, here it is: my insecurities and naïvete.

= = =

Lately, I've caught myself inviting friends to run with me and telling friends about the upcoming running festival.

Sadly, It's starting to get on people's nerves.

It's just that it's all I can think about. I keep thinking, "if I can do it" -- small, non-athletic, weakling, me -- then surely "you can too".

They tell me that they can't run 13 miles. Well, yeah, I can't either. Not yet, anyway. The point is that we work towards it. And you know what? I really don't know what's going to happen on race day. I don't even care. At first, I'll admit, I was in it for the medal. Haha. Maybe the t-shirt. But now, I'm in it for the training. The process feels so good! It feels good to have something in my schedule to look forward to. It feels good to be active. It feels good to try push myself in an arena where I never though I'd be. It feels good to achieve a short-term goal and then look at my schedule and ask, "what's next?".

This is why I invite others to join me.

I always saw runners and joggers as somewhat non-human, somewhat superhuman... mostly alien. I mean, right?! They wear funny clothes and run, run, run to no particular destination.

And now, I realize -- oh. They're people. And running is possible. And running is hard for them like it's hard for me (though to varying degrees). They do it well because they practice and work hard at it. This is a key point that never really occurred to me.

So maybe I can't run like them, but I can practice and work hard at it like they do and enjoy myself in the process.

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