Upbeat, upbeat, upbeat...

Growing up, I would frequently be confused by a certain person who shall remain anonymous for the following reason:

Anonymous would ask me to do a Thing -- it doesn't matter what this Thing is/was -- which, OK, I would not do the Thing Right Then and There because my priorities lay elsewhere. "I'll do it Later," I'd say, "I just have this Other Thing that I need to do..."

Some moment between Right Then and There and Later, Anonymous would do the Thing him/herself. Then Anonymous would proceed to 1) get upset with me for not doing the Thing Right Then and There and 2) be upset for doing the Thing him/herself on top of all the Other Things that he/she had to do.

C'mon now. That's just not fair.

If you're going to be upset with me, be upset at the fact that I did not do the Thing Right Then and There, but do not burden yourself with doing the Thing if you are just going to be bitter about doing the Thing.

= = =

OK, flash forward some 10 years later... I need to follow my own advice.

Staying upbeat!

= = =


6:30 am - alarm rings
7:30 am - hit Snooze for final time, get out of bed. make coffee, eat breakfast, make lunch, wash dishes, clean kitchen, get dressed.
8:15 am - get ready to leave for 8:30 parent-teacher meeting
8:20 am - receive phone call about 8:30 parent-teacher meeting cancellation
8:21 am - grade papers/finish lesson planning/enter grades/set up Do Now, Learning Goal, blahblahblah... and teach.
11:00 am - grade papers/lesson plan/enter grades/do attendance, blahblahblah...

Somewhere in between - eat lunch, do homework, complete loan counseling, attend to bajillion emails...

2:30 pm - attend class. as a student. i.e., chillax.
4:00 pm - run 5 miles.
5:30 pm - make and eat dinner, clean room.
7:00 pm - homework, grade papers, attend to bajillion emails, lesson plan
9:45 pm - clean bathroom.
10:35 pm - blog. i.e., chillax.

The Justice League wanted to add me as their eighth member or whatever, but they had trouble identifying just one superpower that I could be recognized by. That's fine. I'll just continue to be known as all-around awesome.

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