I've been working at an organization whose name shall remain nameless at an office job doing a lot of nothing and learning a lot of everything.

Namely, I'm learning a bit about life in the cubicle/office world. I have limited human contact; I impact few if any, and learn about the jobs of all (or, least, many). I'm an anonymous temp with a meaningless, mysterious background. I have a list of tasks; often, a very short list of tasks. I go to lunch whenever I want. If I decide I'm tired and want to stop working, I sit at my desk and do nothing. I'm replaceable. I'm not important enough for my own cubicle, but the only other available desk is in a private, spacious office.  I'm surrounded by people who make a lot of money. Their work is doubly, triply, and (in one case, honest to goodness) seven times valued to that of say, a first year schoolteacher in East Oakland.

I could work at an office one day if I ever had to resort to it. I guess. I wouldn't mind a six figure salary, an office with a jarful of candy. I guess.

Once upon a time, I was described by my peers as a woman of ambition and passion. I wrote it off at the time. Now, sitting in my quiet, barren office, I am beginning to understand what my classmates meant about me. I don't belong here. It's fine, but it's not amazing. I'm never content with fine. It's time to leave. I found inspiration in my past and am determined to find it again elsewhere. Due to my short stint in full-time teaching and shorter stint post-full-time teaching, I'm stronger and more able and willing to take on new challenges. I won't be afraid to jump back on the horse and try again. I won't stop taking risks and I won't stop chasing my dreams.

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