I am thankful to have spent Thanksgiving week in San Diego -- a city where I spent nine years of my life; a city which I have not visited in an entire year.

I am thankful for my friends -- my friends who are in my life because we consciously make an effort to sustain our relationship and my friends whose souls naturally reach out for mine -- and vice versa -- to connect and reconnect.

Our relationships have stood the test of time. The best of friends -- the ones who stood out better than the rest -- friends from opposite corners of my life -- met and found themselves in each other. Found me in them. 

I also was fortunate enough to do what my friends and I love best: one-on-one everlasting conversations at cafes, over delicious food, and late into the night until the sun threatens to reappear for a new day.

I love our conversations because in it, I discover and reinvent myself and you. These conversations reinforce and challenge my beliefs; they open my mind to new possibilities and perspectives on the world and myself. I trust my self-discoveries and experimental versions of self all the more because they were borne from conversations with my most trusted friends.

I'm feeling particularly nostalgic because of my upcoming Big Move. Mostly, though, I'm glad that our lives crossed at all, rather than sad that much time passes nowadays before our paths cross again.

Til we meet again!

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