Being OK with Silence/ Silence of the Sheep

I wonder if whoever suggested that self betterment includes learning to be at peace with silence was referring to not only silence between people and friends, but within yourself as well.

This thought occurred to me as I laid in my bed last night, reviewing the happenings of my day, weighing pros and cons of upcoming life decisions (some menial, others life-altering), and pretending to have a deep, philosophical conversation about the purpose of life, love, and relationships with an imaginary friend who bore no resemblance to any real person I know.

You know, the usual night routine. Somewhere between flossing and counting sheep.

I wonder if quieting some of my thoughts and worries (i.e., meditation) is better than ruminating to myself/with myself/by myself. Talking to myself can get pretty lonely. If ya'll haven't noticed, I am quite a talker. Unfortunately, talking to someone who isn't right there with you (more so figuratively rather than literally) can get pretty lonely, too. So. Does the answer lie in finding the right someone or in becoming comfortable with sorting out thoughts on my own?

Anyway. Until the final answer reveals itself to me, I shall continue putting my thoughts on paper...er, QWERTY keyboard. You are here for me, Blog. Thanks for that.

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