This is a Love Note

Running in Oakland under the blue-black sky
Pounding pavement, running harder than ever
Venting into the wind about those which affect us most:
Teaching and issues of injustice
Talking politics while huffing and puffing
I pause only to look up into the rain, to feel it on my face
I vaguely consider removing more layers altogether to welcome the falling droplets
But I'm distracted by our intense conversation
And, of course, by the running.
After 30 minutes, you suggest that we call it a night, but I beg,
"Please... just 3 more miles?" And you say yes.

Thanks, Ms. Kwon, for tonight, for being my life coach, for feeding me, for teaching me how to cook, and, finally, for the fact that the day after I shared my blog URL with you, my numbers jumped to 30 hits in a day.

Photo Credit: oopsilon via Panoramio.

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