Paper Clip Extraordinaire

In America, you are regarded as a genius/prodigy/Renaissance man (not even woman) if you are knowledgeable and/or skilled in the following arenas:
  • Jeopardy! and all other academic trivia games
  • world wars and battles
  • classical piano and chess
  • manifestos and books written in Old English, Latin, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Japanese...
  • the French language
  • golf, tennis, and baseball
Really, such a list should instead consist of:
  • the Spanish language
  • current political figures, their stances, and the effects of their decisions
  • guitar and Cranium
  • grassroots movements, human rights violations
  • nutrition, cooking
  • communication skills, social skills
  • religions from around the world
  • number sense
  • handy with tools, resourceful
  • compostables and recyclables
= = =

Yes, I am aware that my list is a product of my public school upbringing and living amongst liberal, hippie intellectuals.

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