Run Journal

Oakland Running Festival 3/27/11: 13.1 mi
I promise to blog about this experience one day. Soon.

3/29/11: 4 mi.

Beautiful afternoon!

3/30/11: 5 mi

A few thoughts:
  • I did not come to school today because I had to work on my PACT. I did, however, go for a morning run at about the time that students of my school were travelling from wherever they live to school. Awk. I decided to veer North as fast as possible.
  • I love all these tiny, secret parks I keep finding. Oh, Berkeley. You and your people-friendly city planning.
  • I also love finding tiny walk/bikeways inaccessible to cars. Go away, cars, nobody wants to run by you.
  • I am no good at measuring distance anymore since I like to meander about the town, but it's good to know that I'm pretty consistent with my pace. I can run for an hour and be mildly certain that I ran about 5 miles. Beast.

4/3/11: 9 mi (approx 2.5 laps + approx 1 mi. leg)
Gorgeous Sunday. I want to relive this run over and over again.


Time to get serious about hills!


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